History of the Finnish Church

History of the Finnish Church

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Heikkilä, Markku & Heininen, Simo
A History of the Finnish Church
Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura
Kirjokansi 127
Riga 2016, 276 p.


A History of the Finnish Church is the first general survey in English of the history of the Finnish church. It is based on recent research, but written in a clear and accessible style. It presents a continuous narrative of the church in Finland, from the arrival of Christianity to the present day. While the church in Finland developed essentially along the same lines as in other Nordic countries, there are some unique aspects deriving from Finland’s location between East and West. Some distinctively Finnish responses to processes of modernisation and secularisation have left their mark on Finnish culture and society. Markku Heikkilä is Emeritus Professor of Practical Theology at the University of Helsinki, and Simo Heininen is Emeritus Professor of Church History at the University of Helsinki.

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ISBN 978-952-222-732-4
ISSN 2323-7392