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Bell, Marjatta & Hietala, Marjatta
Helsinki. The Innovative City. Historical Perspectives
Finnish Literature Society & City of Helsinki Urban Facts
Finnish Literature Society Editions 857
Jyväskylä 2002, 447 pp.


Helsinki – The Innovative City describes how the capital of Finland was developed into a handsome, sophisticated city. It tells the story of how its innovative citizens and its determined City Council turned a small rocky seaport into a European city of distinction with fine public services and continuing links with the surrounding nature. The history of Helsinki as an innovative capital is traced from the first years of the 19th century untill the beginning of the 21st, exploring how the city and its people acquired their know-how, how the Second World War temporarily interrupted progress and how societal change was reflected in the life of Helsinki.

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ISBN 951-746-359-6
ISSN 0355-1768