F. A. Seyn 1862 - 1918

F. A. Seyn 1862 - 1918

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Luntinen, Pertti
F. A. Seyn 1862 - 1918. A Political Biography of a Tsarist Imperialist as Administrator of Finland. 1985
Finnish Historical Society
Studia Historica 19
1985, 343 pp.


After a succesful military and administrative career, F. A. Seyn was appointed Governor-General of Finland in 1909 and represented the imperial Russian government in the Grand Duchy until the end in 1917. His task was to restore the sovereign Russian power usurped by the Finnish "separatist" constitutionalists in 1906-1907, quell the seething revolutionary movement, to secure the Imperial defence in the north-west, and to bring the border country closer to the Russian Empire.

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