Challenges in Categorization

Challenges in Categorization

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Vartiainen, Turo
Challenges in Categorization. Corpus-based Studies of Adjectival Premodifiers in English
Uusfilologinen yhdistys - Nyfilologiska föreningen
Mémoires de la Société Néophilologique de Helsinki CI
Turenki 2016, v–xii + 217 pp.


Challenges in Categorization presents a series of studies on premodifying -ing participles and adjectives in English. The studies are intended to contribute to our understanding of a variety of topics, including the meaning and function of participles and other adjectival premodifiers, their use in different registers, and their change over time. The overarching topic that connects all the articles thematically is linguistic categorization. In addition to introducing new empirical corpus-based studies of adjectival modification in English, the book includes a wide-ranging survey of linguistic and philosophical approaches to categorization.

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ISBN 978-951-9040-58-5
ISSN 0355-0192