Arctos 45

Arctos 45

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Arctos 45. Acta Philologica Fennica. Editor-in-Chief Mika Kajava
Classical Association of Finland
Tammisaari 2012, 312 pp.


Articles: Neil Adkin, Virgil's Wooden Horse: Which Wood? Margherita Carucci, Domestica Bona on Stage in the Pompeian House: on Viewing and Reading the Story of Pero and Mycon; Francesca Cerrone, "... τὸν Πλαυτιανόν, καὶ ἐς αὐτοὺς τοὺς αὐτοκράτορας, ἰσχύσαι ..." (Dio 76,14,6): ancora un'iscrizione onoraria per il prefetto del pretorio Plauziano; Mika Kajava, ]pa-ko-qe (KN Ch 5728): A New Ox Name from Knossos? Fabrice Poli, Deux épitaphes latines conservées à l'abbaye royale de Chaalis (collection Jacquemart-André); Elina Pyy, The Conflict Reconsidered: Cleopatra and the Civil War in the Early Imperial Epic; Olli Salomies, Observations on the New Decree from Copia Thurii (AE 2008, 441); Samuel Scolnikov, After Irony: Reading Plato Seriously; Morris Silver, Antonine Plague and Deactivation of Spanish Mines; Heikki Solin, Analecta epigraphica CCLXV‒CCLXXI.

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