Arctos 43

Arctos 43

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Arctos 43. Acta Philologica Fennica. Editor-in-Chief Mika Kajava
Classical Association of Finland
Sastamala 2010, 336 pp.


Articles: Eugenio Amato, Note esegetico-testuali a Dione di Prusa V: Sull’abito (or. LXXII); Luigi Arata, Breve storia del tecolito, con particolare riferimento alla medicina greca; Mika Kajava, A Further Greek Hymn from Signia; Tua Korhonen, Christina of Sweden and Her Knowledge of Greek; Peter Kruschwitz & Virginia L. Campbell, What the Pompeians Saw: Representations of Document Types in Pompeian Drawings and Paintings (and their Value for Linguistic Research); Laura Nissinen, Cubicula diurna, nocturna – Revisiting Roman cubicula and Sleeping Arrangements; Janne Pölönen, Hiberus quidam in Dig. 8,2,13 pr: (M. Antonius) Hiberus (PIR² H 168)? Olli Salomies & Zbigniew Fiema, Latin Inscription from the Ridge Church at Petra; Kaj Sandberg, Isis, The Pomerium and the Augural Topography of the Capitoline Area; Heikki Solin, Analecta epigraphica CCLII–CCLVIII; Kaius Tuori, Dig. 34,2,33: the Return of the Cross-Dressing Senator; Stephen Evans, Review Article: Dusting the Mythological Cobwebs.

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