Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae. Mathematica 39:2

Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae. Mathematica 39:2

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Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae. Mathematica 39:2. Editor Olli Martio
Finnish Academy of Science and Letters
Sastamala 2014, 496 pp.


Articles: iJoonas Ilmavirta/i, Boundary reconstruction for the broken ray transform; iNorbert Steinmetz/i, Complex Riccati differential equations revisited; iJun Hu Francisco G. Jimenez-Lopez/i, Modified length spectrum metric on the Teichmüller space of a Riemann surface with boundary; iPaola Cavaliere Andrea Cianchi/i, Classical and approximate Taylor expansion of weakly differentiable functions; iKaj Nyström Andreas Rosén/i, Cauchy integrals for the ip/i-Laplace equation in planar Lipschitz domains; iFlavia Giannetti Antonia Passarelli di Napoli/i, Hölder continuity of degenerate ip/i-harmonic functions; iGiovanni Molica Bisci Vicenţiu D. Rădulescu/i, Mountain pass solutions for nonlocal equations; iPiotr Hajłasz Armin Schikorra/i, Lipschitz homotopy and density of Lipschitz mappings in Sobolev spaces; iThomas Bieske Erin Martin/i, The parabolic ip/i-Laplace equation in Carnot groups; iBing Li Ville Suomala/i, A note on the hitting probabilities of random covering sets; iRubén A. Hidalgo Milagros Izquierdo/i, On the connectivity of the branch locus of the Schottky space; iBartłomiej Dyda Antti Vähäkangas/i, A framework for fractional Hardy inequalities; iHasi Wulan Fangqin Ye/i, Universal Teichmüller space and iQk/i spaces; iPer-Anders Ivert, Niko Marola Mathias Masson/i, Energy estimates for variational minimizers of a parabolic doubly nonlinear equation on metric measure spaces; iSaminathan Ponnysamy Karl-Joachim Wirths/i, On the problem of Gromova and Vasilev on integral means, and Yamashitas conjecture for spirallike functions; iM. Isabel Garrido Ana S. Merono/i, New types of completeness in metric spaces; iQiuli Guo, Hao Li Qin Wang/i, Quasi-Lipschitz equivalence of subsets of Ahlfors‒David regular sets; iThomas Jordan Natalia Jurga/i, Self-affine sets with non-compactly supported random perturbations; iNhat le Thanh Hoang Michel Zinsmeister/i, On Minkowski dimension of Jordan curves; iDariusz Partyka Ken-Ichi Sakan/i, Quasiconformal and Lipschitz harmonic mappings of the unit disk onto bounded convex domains; iThomas Zürcher/i, Space-filling vs. Luzins condition (N); iAlexandre Eremenko/i, On the Second Main Theorem of Cartan.

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