Young Actors in Transnational Agoras

Young Actors in Transnational Agoras

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Laine, Sofia
Young Actors in Transnational Agoras. Multi-Sited Ethnography of Cosmopolitan Micropolitical Orientations
Finnish Youth Research Society
Finnish Youth Research Network. Finnish Youth Research Society. Publications 121
Helsinki 2012, 185 pp.


This book is about young peoples political participation in transnational meetings. Methodologically the study aims to shed light on multi-sited global ethnography. Young people are viewed here as a social age group sensitive to critical, alternative and even radical political participation. The diversity of the young actors and their actions is captured by using several different methods. What is more, the study spurs us coming from the Global North to develop social science research towards methodological cosmopolitanism and to consider our research practices from a moral cosmopolitan perspective.

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ISBN 978-952-5994-07-0
ISSN 1799-9219