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Vidyarnavavandanam. Essays in Honour of Asko Parpola. Edited by Klaus Karttunen & Petteri Koskikallio
Finnish Oriental Society
Studia Orientalia 94
Pieksämäki 2001, 511 pp.


Including articles: Petteri Koskikallio, Select Bibliography of Asko Parpola's Publications; John Brockington, Indra in the Epics; Gabriella Eichinger Ferro-Luzzi, Reflections of Hindu Mythology in Tamil Folktales; Harry Falk, Suicidal Self-scorching in Ancient India; Edwin Gerow, Why the Fish Laughed, and Other Matters Relating to (the Indian sense of) "Humour"; Don Handelman, Cosmos Encrusted: Siva, Andhaka, Bhrngin, and the Emptying of Infinity; Minoru Hara, A Note on the Sanskrit Verb pa-; J. C. Heesterman, Gift, Marriage and the Denial of Reciprocity; Stephanie W. Jamison, The Rigvedic Svayamvara? Formulaic Evidence; Iravatham Mahadevan, The Indus-like Symbols on Megalithic Pottery: New Evidence; D. T. Potts, A "Lost" Seal from Harappa in the Nicholson Museum (Sydney); Frederick M. Smith, The Recent History of Vedic Ritual in Maharashtra.

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