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Pärssinen, Martti
Tawantinsuyu. The Inca State and Its Political Organization
Finnish Historical Society
Studia Historica 43
Jyväskylä 1992, 462 pp.


Martti Pärssinen is a Finnish historian at the University of Turku who also has an academic education in social anthropology and archaeology. He has specialized in Pre-Colombian Andean cultures carrying out research in many Spanish and South American archives. He has also organized, together with the Academy of Finland and the Instituto Nacional de Arqueología de Bolivia, archaeological excavations in the Lake Titicaca area.

In this book Pärssinen analyzes and summarizes knowledge concerning the Inca expansion and the political structures and principles of a multiethnic state, called Tawantinsuyu by the Incas themselves. By using interdisciplinary methods and many “new” unedited archival sources, including Spanish transcriptions and translations of the so-called khipu texts “written” by Andean people by using colored strings and knots, he weaves together the most up-to-date study of the political organization of the Inca state.

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