Studia Orientalia memoriae Jussi Aro dedicata

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Studia Orientalia memoriae Jussi Aro dedicata. Jussi Aro 1928 - 1983. Ed. Heikki Palva
Finnish Oriental Society
Studia Orientalia 55
1984, 526 pp.


Articles: Bibliography of Professor Jussi Aro’s publications (compiled by H. Halén); I. Kärki, Die sumerischen und akkadischen Königsinschriften der altbabylonischen Zeit, II. Babylon; T. Harviainen, Diglossia in Jewish Eastern Aramaic; G.W. Ahlström, An archaeological picture of Iron Age religions in Ancient Palestine; W. von Soden, Reflektierte und konstruierte Mythen in Babylonien und Assyrien; H.D. Galter, Die Zerstörung Babylons durch Sanherib; E. Reiner, Damqam-inim revisited; S. Parpola, Likalka ittatakku. Two notes on the morphology of the verb alāku in Neo-Assyrian; I.J. Gelb, The inscription of Jibbit-Lîm, king of Ebla; R. Holthoer, Tomb of Kheteti at Kōm es-Sultā; D.O. Edzard, “Ursemitisch” *hū'a, *šī 'a?; J.C. Greenfield, ana urdūti kabāsu = ךכץלשככ; T. Harviainen, Hushai the Archite, a gentile in the King’s court (2 Sam. 16:18–19, 17:7–16); I. Soisalon-Soininen, Die Auslassung des possessivpronomens im griechischen Pentateuch; K. Öhrnberg, Māriya al-qibtiyya unveiled; J. Hämeen-Anttila, The prothetic vowel (wasla) in Classical Arabic; J. Retsö, Middle Arabic in a Coptic-Arabic manuscript in the “Röhsska Konstslöjdmuséet”, Göteborg, Sweden; H. Palva, A general classification for the Arabic dialects spoken in Palestine and Transjordan; H. Palva, Further notes on the descriptive imperative of narrative style in Spoken Arabic; K. Eksell, On participle constructions with n-element in some Arabic dialects; P. Aalto, Indus script and Dravidian; A. Parpola, On the Jaiminīya and Vādhūla traditions of South India and the Pāndu/Pāndava problem; B. Tikkanen, On the tense value, functions and forms of the Sanskrit gerund; K. Karttunen, From the early days of Finnish Indology. Metrical translations from the Rigveda by Otto Donner; O. Kantokorpi, Ivar Lassy and his adventures in the Land of Eternal Fires.

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