Studia Orientalia 82

Studia Orientalia 82

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Studia Orientalia 82
Finnish Oriental Society
Saarijärvi 1997, vii + 289 pp.


Studia Orientalia on omistettu professori Rostislav Holthoerin (1937–1997) muistolle. Se sisältää seuraavat artikkelit: Henryk Jankowski, "A Bible translation into the northern Crimean dialect of Karaim"; Tapani Harviainen – Haseeb Shehadeh – Harry Halén "Samarian and Karaim commitments to minyan, Abraham Firkovich, and the poor of Trakai"; Liisi Huhtala – Tapani Harviainen, "Maila Talvio, a Finnish authoress visits the Karaims in Lithuania in 1894"; Jarmo Forsström, "The pronunciation tradition of Biblical Hebrew among the Jews of Cochin: A preliminary survey"; Mikko Vehkavaara, "Entering the exiting: The distinctive features of al-Ibadiya"; Irmeli Perho, "The Sultan and the common people"; Jaakko Hämeen-Anttila, "Amr ibn Hawbar and his poem on crucifixion"; Asko Parpola, "Dravidian and the Indus Script: On the interpretation of some pivotal signs"; W. L. Smith, "The Jaiminibharata and its eastern vernacular versions"; Klaus Karttunen, "From the early days of Finnish Indology, III: Ivar Ulrik Wallenius"; Stefan Kuzay, "The Moslems and the north-western barbarians in Chinese drama".

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