Studia Orientalia 67

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Studia Orientalia 67
Finnish Oriental Society
Helsinki 1991, 245 pp.


Articles: J. Hämeen-Anttila, “We will tell you the best of stories”. A study on Surah XII; J. Hämeen-Anttila, A note on the ‘En ‘Avdat incription; D. Jermakoff, Catalogue of the Arabic manuscripts in the Library of Tartu University; V. Lebedev, Unresearched sources of Yemenite Arabic; H. Palva, The form jak in Bedouin narrative style; B. Tikkanen, A Burushaski folktale, transcribed and translated: The frog as a bride, or, The three princes and the fairy princess Salaasír; P. Aalto, Georg Carl von Döbeln’s glossary of his Indian diary; K. Karttunen, Herman Kellgren: A bibliography; H. Halén, Die uigurischen Mannerheim-Fragmente (2); H. Halén, Some Kalmuk notes by G.J. Ramstedt.

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