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Suomen Itämainen Seura - Finska Orientsällskapet
Studia Orientalia 51
1981, 257 pp.


Articles: T. Harviainen, A Syriac incantation bowl in the Finnish National Museum, Helsinki. A specimen of Eastern Aramaic “koiné”; J. Hyrkkänen & E. Salonen, Über die Herkunft des slawischen *korabja, griechischen karabos/karabion; K. Öhrnberg, A Qur'ān manuscript in Helsinki. “From al-Qāhira al-mahrūsa to Helsinki of the ESC”; H. Halén, Die uigurischen Mannerheim-Fragmente, I; P. Aalto, G.J. Ramstedts Onkor-solonische Sprachmaterialen; O. Salmi, An outline of the historical phonology of the dialect of Chengguyan, in Linxian, Henan; T. Harviainen, Sęlsah in 1Sam. 10:2; H. Halén, A bibliographical survey of the publishing activities of the Turkic minority in Finland; S. Kho, Korean studies in Russia (1677–1930); N. Sims-Williams & H. Halén, The Middle Iranian fragments in Sogdian script from the Mannerheim Collection; T. Harviainen, An Aramaic incantation bowl from Borsippa. Another specimen of Eastern Aramaic “koiné”. Appendix: A cryptographic bowl text or an original fake?

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