Studia Celtica Fennica XIV

Studia Celtica Fennica XIV

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Studia Celtica Fennica XIV. Yearbook of the Finnish Society for Celtic Studies. Ed. Antti Lampinen & Katja Ritari
Suomen Keltologinen Seura - Finlands Keltologiska Sällskap (SFKS)
Helsinki 2017, 190 p.


Studia Celtica Fennica XIV includes among others articles: Phillip a. Bernhardt-House, Binding the Wolf, Leashing the Hound: Canid Eschatologies in Irish and Norse Myth; George Broderick, The Last Native Manx Gaelic Speakers. The Final Phase: ‘Full’ or ‘Terminal’ in speech?*; John R. Collis, Celts Ancient and Modern: Recent Controversies in Celtic Studies; Grigory Grigoryev, Bachal lsu: the Symbolism of St. Patrick’s Crosier in Early-Medieval Irish Hagiography.

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ISSN 1795-097X