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Perestroika. Process and Consequences. Edited by Markku Kangaspuro, Jouko Nikula & Ivor Stodolsky
Finnish Literature Society
Studia Historica 80
Helsinki 2010, 382 pp.


In this book, Perestroika is approached as an evolutionary process that led to unintended consequences, the breakdown of the Soviet Union. But perestroika and glasnost were transnational processes and consequently they did not have consequences only in the Soviet Union. Perestroika had a profound influence on all of Eastern Europe and to some extent on Western Europe. Moreover, we can’t understand many features and processes of current Russia if we don’t know the history of the Soviet Union. It is obvious that many structural and institutional solutions of current Russia go back to the Soviet era and the power struggle between President Yeltsin and Parliament in the beginning of nineties.

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ISBN 978-952-222-182-7
ISSN 0081-6493