Ornis Fennica 2020:1

Ornis Fennica 2020:1

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Ornis Fennica 2020:1. Editor-in-Chief Suvi Ruuskanen
BirdLife Suomi
Vaasa 2020, 44 pp.


Ornis Fennica 1/2020 contains the following articles: Patrik Byholm, Ruslan Gunko, Daniel Burgas & Patrik Karell, Losing your home: temporal changes in forest landscape structure due to timber harvest accelerate Northern goshawk (Accipiter gentilis) nest stand losses; Ivar Ojaste, Aivar Leito, Petri Suorsa, Anders Hedenström, Kalev Sepp, Meelis Leivits, Urmas Sellis & Ülo Väli, From northern Europe to Ethiopia: long-distance migration of Common Cranes (Grus grus); Ausra Kamarauskaite, Deivis Dementavicius, Saulis Skuja, Mindaugas Dagys & Rimgaudas Treinys, Interaction between the White-tailed Eagle and Common Buzzard estimated by diet analysis and brood defence behaviour; Oddmund Kleven, Geir Rudolfsen & Tim Schmoll, Extra-pair paternity in the boreal, socially monogamous Grey-headed Chickadee (Poecile cinctus).

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ISSN 0030-5685