Ornis Fennica 2017:2

Ornis Fennica 2017:2

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Ornis Fennica 2017:2. Editor-in-Chief Suvi Ruuskanen
BirdLife Suomi
Vaasa 2017, 53-112 pp.


Among others, Ornis Fennica 2/2017 contains the following articles: Aleksi Lehikoinen, Jarkko Santaharju & Anders Pape Møller, Sex-specific timing of autumn migration in birds: the role of sexual size dimorphism, migration distance and differences in breeding investment; Irina Marova, Daria Shipilina, Vjatcheslav Fedorov, Valery Alekseev & Vladimir Ivanitskii, Interaction between Common and Siberian Chiffchaff in a contact zone; Pauliina H. Järvinen, Edward Kluen, Maiju Tiiri & Jon E. Brommer, Experimental manipulation of Blue Tit nest height does not support the thermoregulation hypothesis; Vidar Selås, Autumn irruptions of Eurasian Jay (Garrulus glandarius) in Norway in relation to acorn production and weather; Stanislaw Tworek, Artur Golawski, Marek Jobda & Jakub Z. Kosicki, The varying impact of agri-environment schemes on birdlife in two regions of Poland.

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