NGP Yearbook 2011

NGP Yearbook 2011

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NGP Yearbook 2011. Sustainable development in the Arctic region through paece and stability. Eds. Lassi Heininen & Regis Rouge-Oikarinen
Geographical Society of Northern Finland. Department of Geography, University of Oulu
Nordia Geographical Publications 40:4
Tornio 2012, 137 pp.


Articles: Teemu Palosaari, The Amazing Race. On resources, conflict, and cooperation in the Arctic; Lassi Heininen, The end of the post-Cold War in the Arctic; Alyson JK Bailes, Institutions and stability: the Arctic case; Margrét Cela, Towards Nordic peace: a small state approach; Jari Koivumaa, Empowerment as a part of the peace and stability in the European North: a case of Lapland; Gustav Pétursson, Cooperation in the High North: the case on Iceland; Audur H Ingólsdóttir, "Go North, Young Man" ‒ Gendered discourses on climate change and security in the Arctic; Sébastien Duyck, Participation of non-state actors in Arctic environmental governance; Simo Sarkki, Payments for ecosystem services as a road to sustainability? A case of forest dispute in Muonio, Northern Finland; Jussi Huotari, Energy policy and (energy security) as a part of Russian foreing policy; Hannu Halinen, Building confidence in the Arctic.

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