NGP Yearbook 2008

NGP Yearbook 2008

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NGP Yearbook 2008. Geographical Reflections from the North. Eds. Juho Luukkonen Topiantti Äikäs
Geographical Society of Northern Finland. Department of Geography, University of Oulu
Nordia Geographical Publications 37:6
Oulu 2009, 91 pp.


Articles: iHelka Moilanen/i, A review on new tools of regional development – what are they and why studying them matters? iKatri Suorsa/i, Innovation pressure: reflections on my PhD studies; iKatariina Ala-Rämi/i, High-tech enterprise networks – a theme sufficiently, or too, topical to study? iKaj Zimmerbauer/i, Regional identity and image in re-scaling of the regions; iJoni Vainikka/i, Reflections of global cities on the connections between them; iHarri Antikainen/i, Developing methods for GIS-based terrain path planning; iKaarina Tervo/i, Climate change from the perspective of tourism geography; iAila Ryhänen/i, Critical geography of planning a home.

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ISBN 978-951-42-9031-2
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