Mordvin Languages in the Field

Mordvin Languages in the Field

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Mordvin Languages in the Field. Eds. Ksenia Shagal & heini Arjava
Suomalais-Ugrilainen Seura
Uralica Helsingiensia 10
Tallinn 2016, 377 pp.


Mordvin languages in the field is one of the publications by the Helsinki Area & Language Studies initiative (HALS), a research community promoting culturally grounded language studies. The book is the result of a student field trip to the Republic of Mordovia in August 2013 and a subsequent seminar in November. The articles, both in English and Russian, deal with grammatical as well as sociolinguistic and cultural themes. Utilising a range of theoretical and methodological approaches, topics discussed include Mordvin dialectology, phonology, morphosyntax, sociolinguistics and folkloristics. The majority of the articles are based on first-hand data, primarily collected in the field. Combined, they provide a window onto the living multilingual community of Mordovia.

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ISBN 978-952-5667-78-3
ISSN 1797-3945