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Miscellanea. Collection of articles. Ed. Antero Tammisto
Finnish Historical Society
Studia Historica 12
1983, 228 pp.


Marjatta Hietala, Urbanization: Contradictionary Views. Finnish Reactions to the Continential Discussion at the Beginning of the 20th Century; Leena Kaukiainen, Joint Information Services as a Nordic Answer in Crisis of the 1930s; Aira Kemiläinen, Johan Vilhelm Snellman als Förderer des nationalen, sozialen und politischen Lebens in Finnland von 1844 bis 1848; Antti Kujala, Der Beginn der Linkswendung der Komintern Anfang 1927; Robert Lee, Clio's Offpring: Recent Research in British Economic and Social History in the 1970's; Helen Liebel-Weckowicz, Authority, Class Conflict, and Motivation in Max Weber and Jürgen Habermas; Pertti Luntinen, A Great Story Left Untold: The Unesco History of Mankind Problems of History by Committee; Jaakko Suolahti, The Stubborn Tradition of an Office-holding Family: The Laetorii; Armi Värilä, William James' Pluralism and its Connection with Swedenborg's World of Ideas.

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