Karelian Isthmus – Stone Age Studies in 1998–2003

Karelian Isthmus – Stone Age Studies in 1998–2003

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Karelian Isthmus – Stone Age Studies in 1998–2003. Editor Mika Lavento
Finnish Antiquarian Society
Iskos 16
s.l. 2008, 328 pp.


Articles: Ari Siiriäinen & al., An archaeological reconnaissance trip to the Karelian Isthmus; Mika Lavento, Archaeological research in the Saimaa district and in the Karelian Isthmus in 1992-1999; Mika Lavento, The Saimaa-Ladoga project - question framing and strategies; Arto Miettinen & al., The palaeoenvironment of the 'Antrea Net Find'; Christian Carpelan, On the history and recent studies of the 'Antrea Net Find'; Matti Saarnisto, Emergence history of the Karelian Isthmus; Kerkko Nordqvist & Mika Lavento, Archaeological survey in Kaukola and Räisälä in 1999 and a study of environmental settings of the Stone Age dwelling sites in the area; Oula Seitsonen & Dmitrij V. Gerasimov, Archaeological research in the Kurkijoki area in 2001 and 2003: a preliminary study of the Stone Age settlement patterns in southern Ladoga Karelia; Christian Carpelan, Pirjo Uino & Dmitrij V. Gerasimov, Archaeology in the former municipality of Johannes; Kerkko Nordqvist & Oula Seitsonen, Archaeological research in the former municipalities of Koivisto and Kuolemanjärvi, Karelian Isthmus in 2003: results and observations; Petri Halinen & al., Excavations at the Juoksemajärvi Westend Stone Age dwelling site in 2002; Sanna Seitsonen, Osteological material from the Stone Age and Early Metal Period sites in Karelian Isthmus and Ladoga Karelia.

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