From Shaman to Saint

From Shaman to Saint

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Bergholm, Alexandra
From Shaman to Saint. Interpretive strategies in the study of Buile Shuibhne
Finnish Academy of Science and Letters
Folklore Fellows' Communications 302
Saarijärvi 2012, 212 pp.


This study charts the ways in which Buile Shuibhne has been interpreted in twentieth-century scholarship, by paying particular attention to the religious allegorical readings of the text. This examination of four prevalent interpretative frameworks ‒ historical, pre-Christian, and anthropological ‒ relates theoretical conceptions of literary theory, comparative religion and historiography to the study of medieval narrative material, by considering the nature of different methodological presuppositions that have guided the scholars' understanding of the tale's meaning. The integration of issues relating to text, context, and interpretation raises the issue of communally shared reading strategies in the explication of interpretive variety, thereby highlighting the importance of asking not only what a text means, but also how it means.

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