Fennoscandia Archaeologica XXVII

Fennoscandia Archaeologica XXVII

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Fennoscandia Archaeologica XXVII. Editors Vesa-Pekka Herva Janne Ikäheimo
Archaeological Society of Finland
Vaasa 2010, 108 pp.


Articles: iTarja Sundell al./i, Modelling a Neolithic Population Bottleneck in Finland: a Genetic Simulation; iHans Bolin/i, The Re-generation of Mythical Messages. Rock Art and Storytelling in Northern Fennoscandia; iBryan C. Hood Samuli Helama/i, Karlebotnbakken Reloaded. Shifting the Chronological Significance of an Iconic Late Stone Age Site in Varangerfjord, North Norway; iRaili Allmäe/i, Some Remarks on Kaseküla Stone-Cist Grave, Läänemaa, Estonia; iSari Mäntylä-Asplund Jan Storå/i, On the Archaeology and Osteology of the Rikala Cremation Cemetery in Salo, SW Finland; iHenrik Jansson al./i, Settlement History and Economy of the Gunnarsängen Site at the Hanko Peninsula; iAlexander Zhulnikov/i, New Rock Carvings from Peri Nos VI Cape on Lake Onega; iSirpa Niinimäki al./i, Osteological Analysis of a Medieval Shaman Burial from Kuusamo in North-eastern Finland.

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