Barents and The Baltic Sea Region

Barents and The Baltic Sea Region

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Barents and The Baltic Sea Region. Contacts, Influences and Social Change. Eds. Kari Alenius and Matti Enbuske
Pohjois-Suomen Historiallinen Yhdistys
Studia Historica Septentrionalia 77
Vaasa 2017, 386 s.


This book is based on the papers presented in the The Barents and the Baltic Sea region: contacts, influences and social change symposium that took place at the University of Oulu on December 10th-11th, 2015. It was an international event organized by the Department of History and Transcultural Encounters Research Center (TCERC). The symposium continued series of researcher meetings at the University of Oulu. These contribute to Arctic and Nordic research, both of which belong to the university’s focal areas.

The symposium focuses on cultural, economic, political, religious, social and other phenomena that affect the region and its relationships with the surrounding world. All in all, the aim of the symposium was to analyze the characteristics of the Barents and Baltic Sea region from interdisciplinary perspectives.

Articles in this book are in English and in Finnish. Osa artikkelista on kirjoitettu suomeksi ja osa englanniksi.

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