Arctos 51

Arctos 51

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Arctos 51. Editor-in Chief Martti Leiwo
Klassillis-filologinen yhdistys - Klassisk-filologiska föreningen
Mustasaari 2018, 285 pp.


Arctos 51 includes the following articles among others: Ria Berg, Toiletries and Taverns. Cosmetic Sets in Small Houses, Hospitia and Lupanaria at Pompeii; Maurizio Colombo, Ii Prezzo dell’oro dal 300 al 325/330 e ILS 9420 = SuppöIt V, 253-255 nr.3; Lee Frantantuono, Pallasne Exurere Classem: Minerva in the Aeneid; Janne Ikäheimo, Jari-Matti Kuusela & Eero Jarva, Buries Under? Re-examining the Topography and Geology of the Allia Battlefield; Boris Kayachev, Ciris 204: an Emendation; Olli Salomies, An Inscription from Pheradi Maius in Africa (AE 1927, 28 = ILTun. 25), Umberto Soldovieri,Una nuova dedica a Iuppiter da Pompei e l’origine di L. Ninnius Quadratus, tribunus plebis 58 a. C. Divna Soleil, Héraclès le premier mélancolique: Origines d’une figure exemplaire; Holger Thesleff, Pivotal Play and irony in Platonic Dialogues.

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