Arctos 50

Arctos 50

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Arctos 50. Editor-in Chief Martti Leiwo
Klassillis-filologinen yhdistys - Klassisk-filologiska föreningen
Mustasaari 2017, 266 pp.


Arctos 50 includes the following articles among others: Michel Aberson, Sicile, 10-100 av. J.-C. : “Varius” et “Salvius”, hommes libres ou esclaves en révolte? Christer Bruun, Abschied von einer römischen “Tänzerin” in Germania Inferior. Bemerkungen zur Identität von Polla Matidia aus Asciburgium; Giovanbattista Galdi, Alcune considerazioni sull’uso di incipio nel latino imperoale e tardo; Thomas Goessens, “Titulum non Repperi” : The Identification of an Alienum in Canterbury. With a Missing Inscription from Mérida (RIB 2328*=CIL ll 585); Mika Kajava, A Note on the Dedication N.I.Olympia 33B; Urpo Kantola & Tuomo Nuorluoto, Female Tria Nomina and Social Standing in Late Republican and Early Imperial Periods; Stephen O’Connor, Some Observations on Pay for Athenian Military Forces at Potidaea (432–430/29 B.C.) and in Sicily (415–413 B.C.); Loukas Papadimitropoulos, Sappho’s “Tithonus Poem”: The Solace of Immortality; Olli Salomies, The Nomenclature of the Poet Ausonius; Heikki Solin, Analecta epigraphica 312-318; Harold Tarrant, Removing the Inserenda.

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