Annales Zoologici Fennici 2019:1-6

Annales Zoologici Fennici 2019:1-6

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Annales Zoologici Fennici 2019:1-6. Editor-in-Chief Perttu Seppä
Suomen eläin- ja kasvitieteen julkaisutoimikunta
Annales Zoologici Fennici 2019:1-6
s.l. 2019, 250 pp.


Includes the following articles among others: Poutanen, J., Pusenius, J., Wikström, M. & Brommer, J. E., Estimating population density of the white-tailed deer in Finland using non-invasive genetic sampling and spatial capture–recapture; Salvidio S., Costa A. & Crovetto F., Individual trophic specialisation in the Alpine newt increases with increasing resource diversity; Lanzoni, M., Aschonitis, V., Milardi, M., Fano, E. A. & Castaldelli, G., A bimodal weight–length relationship in bleak (Alburnus alburnus); Okrutniak, M. & Grześ, I. M., Xerothermic grassland protection by means of sheep grazing: what is the short-term effect on ants? Zalewska, K. & Zalewski, A. 2019, Size selection of alternative prey relative to the abundance of primary prey: pine marten hunting for frogs; Chaves, F. G., Vecchi, M. B., Kenup, C. F. & Alves M. A. S., Territory size and population density of the serra antwren (Formicivora serrana littoralis) in the sandy coastal plains of the Atlantic Forest in southeastern Brazil; Mutun, S. & Dinç, S., The Anatolian Diagonal and paleoclimatic changes shaped the phylogeography of Cynips quercus (Hymenoptera, Cynipidae); Stauffer J. B., Clauss M., Müller D. W. H., Hatt J.-M. & Ackermans N. L., Testing inner-mesowear III on goats (Capra aegagrus hircus) fed experimental diets; Farashi, A. & Alizadeh-Noughani, M., Conservation of Pleske’s racerunner (Eremias pleskei ) in a changing climate.

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