Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae. Mathematica 37:2

Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae. Mathematica 37:2

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Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae. Mathematica 37:2. Editor Olli Martio
Finnish Academy of Science and Letters
Sastamala 2012, 341 pp.


Articles: José Bonet & al., Operator-weighted composition operators between weighted spaces of vector-valued analytic functions; Tsubasa Itoh, Modulus of continuity of p-dirichlet solutions in a metric measure space; Andrea Pinamonti & Enrico Valdinoci; A geometric inequality for stable solutions of semilinear elliptic problems in the Engel group; Kwok-Pun Ho, Vector-valued singular integral operators on Morrey type spaces and variable Triebel-Lizorkin-Morrey spaces; Konstantin M. Dyakonov, Factoring derivatives of functions in the Nevanlinna and Smirnov classes; Christoph Scheven, Potential estimates in parabolic obstacle problems; Domingo García, Manuel Maestre & Ignacio Zalduendo; Algebras of functions with prescribed radii of boundedness and the spectra of ϗ(u); Qingying Bu, The weakly compact approximation of the projective tensor product of Banach spaces; Andreas Hartmann & William T. Ross, Bad boundary behavior in star invariant subspaces II; Songmin Wang, The growth and singular direction of algebroid functions; Peter Sjögren & Maria Vallarino, Heat maximal function on a lie group of exponential growth; Mats Bodin & Katarzyna Pietruska-Pałuba, Harmonic functions representation of Besov-Lipschitz functions on nested fractals; Álvaro Martínez-Pérez, Real-valued functions and metric spaces quasi-isometric to trees; Dariusz Partyka & Ken-ichi Sakan, A simple deformation of quasiconformal harmonic mappings in the unit disk; Alex Iosevich, Mihalis Mourgoglou & Krystal Taylor, On the Mattila-Sjölin theorem for distance sets; Leandro Arosio, Basins of attraction in Loewner equations; Olli Toivanen, Harnack\'s inequality for general solutions with nonstandard growth; Julián Fernández Bounder, Nicolas Saintier & Analía Silva, Existence of solution to a critical equation with variable exponent; Erhan Çalişkan & Pilar Rueda, On distinguished polynomials and their projections; Fengquan Li, Existence and regularity results for some parabolic equations with degenerate coercivity; Petros Galanopoulos & Jordi Pau, Hankel operators on large weighted Bergman spaces; Hari Bercovici & Dan Timotin, Factorizations of analytic self-maps of the upper half-plane.

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