Anantam Sastram

Anantam Sastram

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Anantam Sastram. Indological and Linguistic Studies in Honour of Bertil Tikkanen. Edited by Klaus Karttunen
Finnish Oriental Society
Studia Orientalia 108
Jyväskylä 2010, xviii + 333 pp.


Including articles: List of Publications of Bertil Tikkanen 1984–2009; iJohn Brockington/i, Ramayana Notes I; iG. Gopinathan/i, Teaching Hindi as a Communication Language. Perspectives and Innovations at the Global Level; iMinoru Hara/i, A Note on Sanskrit Gandha; iHans Henrich Hock/i, Middle Indo-Aryan “Aspirate” Clusters Revisited; iKlaus Karttunen/i, Pentti Aalto in His Aspect as Indologist; iGeorges-Jean Pinault/i, Pudenda Vedica; iVolker Rybatzki/i, Türkische Lehnwörter im Burushaski; iHenri Schildt/i, The Subrahmanya in the Allentown Museum of Art; iRuth Laila Schmidt Vijay Kumar Kaul/i, A Grammatical Sketch of Guresi Shina; iW.L. Smith/i, Tunnel of Love: The Transformation of the Kalika Mangal; iJaakko Anhava/i, Criteria for Case Forms in Finnish and Hungarian Grammars; iKimmo Granqvist/i, Two Hundred Years of Finnish Romani Linguistics; iTapani Harviainen Harry Halén/i, An 1843 Karaim Dowry List from the Crimea – Turkic in Hebrew Appearance; iJuha Janhunen/i, Reconstructing the Language Map of Prehistorical Northeast Asia; iAsko Parpola/i, New Etymologies for Some Finnish Words.

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