Accessibility, population change and scale dependency

Accessibility, population change and scale dependency

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Kotavaara, Ossi
Accessibility, population change and scale dependency. Exploring geospatial patterns in Finland, 1880–2009
Geographical Society of Northern Finland. Department of Geography, University of Oulu
Nordia Geographical Publications 41:4
Oulu 2012, xiii + 118 p.


The aim of this thesis is to study the effect of transport accessibility on population change in Finland and the matter of scale to this relationship. During the research period, 1880−2009, Finland has urbanized, changed from an agrarian to a post-industrial economy and the transport system has developed from being manually powered to one that is fully motorized. The theoretical framework of the study is founded on transport and economic geography and regional science. The analytical basis is in the geospatial analysis consisting of geographic information system

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ISBN 978-952-62-0035-4
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