A. J. Sjögren: Studies of the North

A. J. Sjögren: Studies of the North

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Branch, Michael
A. J. Sjögren: Studies of the North
Suomalais-Ugrilainen Seura
Suomalais-Ugrilaisen Seuran Toimituksia 152
Vammala 1973, 292 pp.


Preface: This book has its origins in the dissertation I submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy at the University of London in 1967. The main emphasis of the dissertation, which examined the development of Anders Johan Sjögren (1794-1855) as a scholar and his contribution to the establishment of Finnic studies as an academic subject, was largely biographical. While Sjögren remains the subject of the present work, it is concerned far more with the evolution of a single idea, the affinity of the Finno-Ugrian languages and peoples as seen from Finland, from 1770 until the middle of the 19th. century, and the methods by which that affinity was determined. As such this book is as much concerned with the history of ideas in Finland as with the early history of Finno-Ugrian studies….

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