Written Space

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Veivo, Harri
The Written Space. Semiotic Analysis of the Representation of Space and its Rhetorical Functions in Literature
International Semiotics Institute at Imatra
Acta Semiotica Fennica X
Helsinki 2001, 233 pp.


The Written Space examines the representation of space and its rhetorical functions in contemporary literature. Space has always been a pervasive theme in literature, but it is a difficult topic in literature theory where no satisfactory response exists to the question "where does the sense of space in the text come from?" A semiotic approach resolves this problem. Two directions are exploited in this work: the semiotic notion of space, which unites the existential, structural and cultural aspects of spatiality, and Charles Peirce's sign theory, which emphasizes the mediative nature of semiosis and the interconnectedness of representation and rhetoric.


ISBN 951-98654-8-9
ISSN 1235-497X