Women in Towns

Women in Towns

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Women in Towns. The Social Position of European Urban Women in a Historical Context
Stads- och kommunhistoriska institutet, Historiska institutionen, Stockholms universitet Suomen historiallinen seura
Studier i stads- och kommunhistoria 60. Studia Historica 60
Stockholm 1999, 196 pp.


Edited by Marjatta Hietala – Lars Nilsson.brWomen have often made up the majority of city populations, not least due to a high female urban in-migration. Has this high proportion of urban women been a consequence of better conditions for women in the urban milleu than on the countryside? Women seem at least to have imagined the city as superior to them. In this book special emphasis is given to the question of the social and economic positions of urban women.


ISBN 951-710-105-8