Wanton Loverboy

Wanton Loverboy

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Lönnrot, Elias
Wanton Loverboy. Kalevala cantos 11-15. Translated by Keith Bosley
Finnish Literature Society
Finnish Literature Society Editions 416
Pieksämäki 1985, 2. ed., 76 pp.


The Kalevala the Finnish national epic compiled by Elias Lönnrot in 1835/1849 consists of thousands of fragments assembled into a continuous narrative. The section translated here, cantos 11‒15 of fifty in all, forms about one-tenth of the epic. In introduces Lemminkäinen, the wanton Loverboy, alias Ahti the Islander, alias Farmind. Of the Kalevala characters he is the most vividly portrayed, a young man who plays fast and loose with women and with men who get in his way. His clutch of names points to a composite figure based on a number of characters in Finnish myth.


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