Vernadoc 2005

Vernadoc 2005

Arvostele ensimmäisenä tämä tuote

Saatavuus: Varastossa

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Vernadoc 2005. Editor Markku Mattila
Vernacular Committee of Icomos Finland
Helsinki 2006, 50 pp.


It is not possible to protect the built vernacular environment and to maintain the local building traditions only by governmental money or regulations. More important is that the people will understand the worth of their tradition and they are proud of it. The architects can point, that the local tradition is very practical, clever and beautiful and the people have had capacity to create beauty and they really can be proud of their environment and buildings. Especially the international actors can point, that the local traditions are widely respected. In the summer 2005 the vernacular committee of Icomos Finland arranged an international project following these ideas.


ISBN 951-96602-6-7