Varkaus and Its People

Varkaus and Its People

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Itkonen, Hannu
Varkaus and Its People. A Hundred Years
Finnish Literature Society
Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seuran Toimituksia 1057
Hämeenlinna 2005, 262 pp.


Varkaus and Its People. A Hundred Years is a work which reveals the great changes that have taken place in Finnish society. The problems of industrialisation, the bloody weeks of the Civil War, the stories of survival during economic slumps, the tragic years of the Second World War, the toil of rebuilding the country and the consequences of globalisation – the repercussions of all these at all the local level emerge from these pages. Varkaus and Its People is a sociological interpretation of the changes that took place in the twentieth century.


ISBN 951-746-789-3
ISSN 0355-1768