Variation and Change in Greek and Latin

Variation and Change in Greek and Latin

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Variation and Change in Greek and Latin. Edited by Martti Leiwo, Hilla Halla-aho & Marja Vierros
Finnish Institute at Athens
Papers and Monographs of the Finnish Institute at Athens XVII
Athens 2012, 176 pp.


Articles: Martti Leiwo, Introduction: Variation with Multiple Faces; Hilla Halla-aho, What Does 'Latin' Mean? A Terminological Pamphlet? T. V. Evans, Linguistic and Stylistic Variation in the Zenon Archive; Marja Vierros, Phraseological Variations in the Agoranomic Contracts from Pathyris; Eleanor Dickey, Latin Loanwords in Greek: A Preliminary Analysis; Paolo Poccetti, Reflexes of Variations in Latin and Greek through neither Latin nor Greek Documentation: Names of Greek Religion and Mythology in the Languages of Ancient Italy; Heikki Solin, On the Use of Greek in Campania; Rolando Ferri, How to say No in Latin: Negative Turns, Politeness and Pragmatic Variation; Gionvanbattista Galdi, Again on as-nominatives: A New Approach to the Problem; Gerd V. M. Haverling, Literary Late Latin and the Development of the Spoken Language.


ISBN 978-952-67211-4-9
ISSN 1237-2684