Urban Space and Social Welfare

Urban Space and Social Welfare

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Salmela, Ulla
Urban Space and Social Welfare. Otto-Iivari Meurman as a Planner of Finnish Towns 1914–1937
Society of Art History in Finland
Taidehistoriallisia Tutkimuksia 30
Vammala 2004, 310 pp.


During the whole of his career Otto-Iivari Meurmans main focus of attention was on the everyday environment of ordinary people, on the small-scale urban environment of Finnish towns. For Meurman, the main task of urban planning was to create an architecturally succesful built environment which would allow for the life-enhancement of all citizens. This study focuses on the formative period of his work as a planner, the time from his graduation in 1914 until 1937. In the study Meurmans work as a planner is anchored in two contexts: first, in urban planning and its on-going professionalisation and institutionalisation, and second, in the social processes of interwar Finland.


ISBN 952-5533-02-6
ISSN 0355-1938