Understanding / Misunderstanding

Understanding / Misunderstanding

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Understanding / Misunderstanding. Contributions to the Study of the Hermeneutics of Sings. Edited by Eero Tarasti
Semiotic Society of Finland International Semiotics Institute at Imatra
Acta Semiotica Fennica XVI
Helsinki 2003, xvi + 543 pp.


By focusing on ways in which understanding occurs in real-life situations, this anthology offers new insights into semiotic theory from hermeneutic, existential and phenomenological points of view. The essays, written by Finnish and other well-known semioticians, deal with various topics related to understanding. The writers approach the subject from a variety of disciplines, ranging from philosophy, discourse theory, and psychology, to sociology, aesthetics of spatial organization, ideology, and Russian culture.


ISBN 952-5431-04-5
ISSN 1235-497X