Transformation through Compassionate Mission

Transformation through Compassionate Mission

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Ahonen, Tiina
Transformation through Compassionate Mission. David J. Boschs Theology of Contextualization
Schriften der Luther-Agricola-Gesellschaft 55
Saarijärvi 2003, 280 pp.


David J. Bosch (1929–1992), Professor of Missiology at the University of South Africa, was a renowned contributor to international ecumenical missiology. He was deeply concerned about the issue of contextualization. Recent decades have witnessed the emergence of contextual theologies, which pay special attention to local conditions, cultural surroundings, and social circumstances. This study examines the contextuality of Boschs own articulation of the Christian faith, his motives for contextualization and his responses to contextual theologies. It also provides examples that illustrate his particular method of contextualization.


ISBN 951-9047-65-4
ISSN 1236-9675