Transformation of a Tourist Destination

Transformation of a Tourist Destination

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Saarinen, Jarkko
The Transformation of a Tourist Destination. Theory and Case Studies on the Production of Local Geographies in Tourism in Finnish Lapland
Geographical Society of Northern Finland & Department of Geography, University of Oulu
Nordia Geographical Publications 30:1
Oulu 2001, 11 + 105 pp.


The process of transformation of tourist destinations is examined by summarising the theoretical arguments and geographical context of a research project aimed at understanding in a theoretically informed way the nature of tourist destinations – tourism regions – and how they emerge and change with time. Destinations are approached as socially constructed spatial units that evolve through certain discourses and discursive practices, which are conceptualised through a discourse of development and a discourse of region in the context of this work. The present thesis is based on six previously published articles, some of the empirical results contained in which are briefly summarised or reitarated here as statements of the main results and illustrative examples in the context of the theoretical considerations.


ISBN 951-42-5975-0
ISSN 1238-2086