Thesprotia Expedition IV

Thesprotia Expedition IV

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Thesprotia Expedition IV. Region transformed by empire. Ed. Björn Forsén
Suomen Ateenan-instituutin säätiö - Stiftelsen för Finlands Atheninstitut
Papers and Monographs of the Finnish Institute at Athens XXIV
s.l. 2019, 482 pp.


Thesprotia Expedition IV presents the following articles: Björn Forsén, Disruption and Development: Tracing Imperial Vestiges in Epirus; Mikko Suha, Towers, Batteries and Indented Traces: Enfilading in Epirote Fortifications, Tommi Turmo, The Gouriza Kiln and Adjacent Structures, Tuukka Talvio, Coins from Three Sites in the Kokytos Valley, Ourania Palli, Filling in the Gap: The Early Roman Cemetery in Mazarakia; Atalanti Betsiou, New Finds from the Roman Mausoleum of Zavali, Ladochori; Kalle Korhonen and Björn Forsén, New Inscriptions from Photike; Eeva-Maria Viitanen, The Roman Villa and Late Medieval Burial Ground of Agios Donatos; Agneta Freccero, The Roman Villa of Agios Donatos: Fragments of Wall Painting; Björn Forsén and Mikko Suha, Tower Stratigraphy on Agios Donatos; Paul Reynolds and Janne Ikäheimo, Late Hellenistic and Roman Pottery from the Tower Deposits of Agios Donatos; Bjöm Forsén, Small Finds from the Tower Deposits of Agios Donatos; Björn Forsén, Kalle Korhonen and Paul Reynolds, Brick Stamps and Graffiti from Agios Donatos; Markku Niskanen, A Late Medieval Burial from Agios Donatos; Voula Tritsaroli, The Early Ottoman Cemetery of Gouriza.


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