Thesprotia Expedition II

Thesprotia Expedition II

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Thesprotia Expedition II. Environment and Settlement Patterns. Edited by Björn Forsén & Esko Tikkala
Foundation of the Finnish Institute at Athens
Papers and Monographs of the Finnish Institute at Athens XVI
Ekenäs 2011, iii + 392 pp.


Articles: Björn Forsén, The Emerging Settlement Patterns of the Kokytos Valley; Sjoerd J. Kluiving & al., Multi-Proxy Analysis of Lake Sediments in Thesprotia and Its Implications for the Palaeoclimatic History; Ruben Lelivelt, A Lithological Analysis of Holocene Lake Sediments in the Kalodiki Fen; Björn Forsén & al., Catalogue of Sites in the Central Kokytos Valley; Christina Papoulia, Mikro Karvounari in Context: The New Lithic Collection and Its Implications for Middle Palaeolithic Hunting Activities; Stefanos Ligkovanlis, Megalo Karvounari Revisited; Tommi Turmo, The Sevasto House: Architecture and Finds; Mikko Suha, Further Observations on the Hellenistic Fortifications in the Kokytos Valley; Asterios Aidonis, Hellenistic Cremation Burial Practices: an Anthropological Study of Thesprotian Graves; Björn Forsén & Paul Reynolds, An Early Closed Deposit at the Roman Villa of Agios Donatos; Janne Ikäheimo, Italian sigillata from Agios Donatos; Jaenette Lindblom, Glass from Agios Donatos; Vivi Deckwirth, A Tower of Meals: Trenches A and F of Agios Donatos; Tuukka Talvio, The Coin Finds; Jaennette Forsén, Paul Reynolds & Anna Patteri, The Middle to Late Roman Find Assemblage from Darda; Mika Hakkarainen, Vittoria dei veneziani sui Turchi in Albania. History of an Event; Evangelia Balta, Mustafa Oguz & Filiz Yasar, The Ethnic and Religious Composition of Ottoman Thesprotia in the fifteenth to seventeenth centuries.


ISBN 978-952-67211-2-5
ISSN 1237-2684