Theology and Early Modern Philosophy (1550–1750)

Theology and Early Modern Philosophy (1550–1750)

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Theology and Early Modern Philosophy (1550–1750). Edited by Simo Knuuttila Risto Saarinen
Finnish Academy of Science and Letters
Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae. Humaniora 360
Jyväskylä 2010, 205 pp.


In this volume Christian theology is regarded as a connecting link between medieval and early modern philosophy. While some sophisticated authors promoted views based on skepticism or a radical division between faith and philosophy, mainstream Catholic thinkers regarded faith and reason as compatible and complementary, and the Lutheran and Reformed traditions also distanced themselves from radical fideism. The volume explores new issues relevant for the relationship between philosophy and theology.


ISBN 978-951-41-1041-2
ISSN 1239-6982