Temenos 47:1

Temenos 47:1

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Temenos 47:1. Nordic Journal of Comparative Religion. Chief Editors Ruth Illman Tiina Mahlamäki
Finnish Society for the Study of Religion
Helsinki 2011, 125 pp.


Articles and discussion: iJanet Eccles/i, Rehabilitated Returners: Why Some Older Women Re-affiliate to the Christian Church; iStefania Palmisano/i, Ambiguous Legitimation: Grassroots Roman Catholic Communities in Italy and Ecclesiastical Hierarchies; iAnn af Burén/i, Especially Loved by Allah: Muslim and LGBTQ in Istanbul; iRuth Behar/i, The Death of the Angel: Reflections on the Relationship between Enlightenment and Enchantment in the Twenty-first Century; iIlkka Niiniluoto/i, Progress by Enlightenment: Fact or Fiction?


ISSN 0497-1817