Temenos 45:2

Temenos 45:2

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Temenos 45:2. Nordic Journal of Comparative Religion. Chief Editor Veikko Anttonen
Finnish Society for the Study of Religion
Raisio s.a., 125 pp.


Articles: iCraig Martin/i, On the Origin of the ‘Private Sphere’: A Discourse Analysis of Religion and Politics from Luther to Locke; iSiv Ellen Kraft/i, Sami Indigenous Spirituality: Religion and Nation-building in Norwegian Sápmi; iAnne Birgitta Pessi, Olav Helge Angell Per Pettersson/i, Nordic Majority Churches as Agents in the Welfare State: Critical Voices and/or Complementary Providers? iTomáš Bubík/i, Outsider and Insider Perspectives in the Czech Study of Religions.


ISSN 0497-1817