Temenos 44:1

Temenos 44:1

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Temenos 44:1. Nordic Journal of Comparative Religion. Chief Editor Veikko Anttonen
Finnish Society for the Study of Religion
Raisio 2008, 184 pp.


Articles: iGavin Flood/i, Dwelling on the Borders: Self, Text and World; iMorny Joy/i, Borders: Of Boundaries, Transitions and Transgressions - A Response to Gavin Flood; iKim Knott/i, Inside, Outside and the Space in-between: Territories and Boundaries in the Study of Religion; iCatharina Raudvere/i, Twins, Siblings and Close Neighbours: The Uses of Metaphor and the Genealogy of the Study of Religions - A Response to Kim Knott; iHåkan Rydving/i, A Western Folk Category in Mind? iSteven J. Sutcliffe/i, Two Cultures in the Study of Religion? - A Response to Håkan Rydving; iJesper Sørensen/i, Cognition and Religious Phenomena - A Response to Håkan Rydving; iCharles Hirschkind/i, Religious Difference and Democratic Pluralism: Some Recent Debates and Frameworks; iMattias Gardell/i, Torture, Terror and Truth: On the Meaning of Guatánamo and the Future of Global Order.,,


ISSN 0497-1817