Temenos 43:1

Temenos 43:1

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Temenos 43:1. Nordic Journal of Comparative Religion. Chief Editor Veikko Anttonen
Finnish Society for the Study of Religion
Raisio 2007, 144 pp.


Articles: iTim Murphy/i, iReligionswissenschaft/i as Colonialist Discourse. The Case of Rudolf Otto; iGregory D. Alles/i, The Rebirth of Cultural Colonialism as iReligionswissenschaft/i. Rudolf Ottos Import House; iVeikko Anttonen/i, Rethinking Religious Cognition. The Eliadean Notion of Sacred in the Light of the Legacy of Uno Harva; iBryan S. Rennie/i, Mircea Eliade and the Perception of the Sacred in the Profane. Intention, Reduction, and Cognitive Theory; iTeuvo Laitila/i, From Reality to Subject. A Sympathetic, Yet Critical Reading of Eliade; iMikael Rothstein/i, Weapons of Mass Defamation. Aspects of the 2006 Cartoon Crisis.


ISBN 978-952-99730-2-6
ISSN 0497-1817